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For your convenience, we have provided you access to new patient registration forms to expedite your check-in process. Please print and complete these forms. Bring them with you, along with your drivers license or photo identification, your current insurance card(s), and your co-payment (if applicable) to your visit. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete this process. Once you are registered with our office, you will be able to access your online medical records through our eClinical software. You must provide us with a valid email address to access this information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.​

Patient Portal

Existing Patients

Click this link to be directed to your secure online medical records. Please note, to use this tool, you must provide us with a valid email address.

  • Access multiple accounts - your children, spouse, aging parents, and your own - all from a single location

  • Manage your medicine cabinet

  • Control your busy schedule

  • Stay connected to your doctors

  • Obtain lab results and access your Personal Health Record


Download the FREE healow app today! Visit iTunes or Google Play to download the free mobile health app.

Now your health is in your hands with healow!

Practice Code For Healow App:


We are encouraging our patients to use our online patient portal! If you need help setting it up, changing your passwords, or are just having trouble figuring it out, please call our

office 609 296 1101

Not sure if it's a medical emergency?

Family Medicine Center is dedicated to providing you with personalized, comprehensive care. Since we have your medical records and know your health history, we want our office to be your first point of contact for your health care needs. Not sure if it's an emergency? Call Family Medicine Center before going to the Emergency Room (ER) or Urgent Care Center. We can answer your questions, and help you determine what type of care is best for you. The ER and Urgent Care may not always be your best option.​

​You can access your doctor.

​One of our doctors in always on call. Extended hours on nights and weekends, and same day appointments are available.

Family Medicine Center can offer assistance.

​Your physician can find the best resources to help with your health care.

You can receive care faster.

The average ER visit lasts over four hours*. Get quicker answers and help by calling Family Medicine Center First.

Your care may cost less.

In most cases you have higher copayment or cost when you receive care at the ER* or Urgent Care Center.


*Urgent Care Association of America. Individual costs may vary.

Our practice is committed to providing you with

comprehensive, coordinated care.

If you have a question or need care, please call us first. Calling our office before going to the ER may save you

both time and money, and help you get the care you need.

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